Do you accept insurance? 

We are currently out-of-network with all insurance providers. Honey Bloom Speech Therapy, PLLC accepts payment via check, credit card, or HSA/FSA cards. An itemized receipt (commonly known as “Superbill”) can be provided, at your request, if you would like to seek out reimbursement from your insurance. Our services may be covered by out-of-network benefits; however, we recommend that you contact your insurance company before starting services to learn how much your particular plan will reimburse you. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm eligibility for speech services with their insurance provider prior to starting therapy.


Where do you see patients?

We have an in-home office option in the Pearland area and also provide services in home and in daycare/private school settings in the southeast side of Houston (call for detailed information regarding specific zip codes).


What are the benefits of working with an out-of-network speech therapist?

  • Prior authorization is not needed to start receiving speech therapy services. Therapy can begin once the evaluation is completed and therapy services can begin immediately without waiting on insurance approval.

  • Working with an out-of-network/private pay therapist means that your child does not have to score within a certain range to qualify for speech and language services. It also means that we have complete flexibility to tailor your child’s treatment plan to target goals that are important to you, without worrying about any insurance restrictions.

  • You are not limited to a set number of visits per year or a set duration for treatment sessions. By using an out-of-network provider, we can work together as a team to determine the number of sessions per week that works best for you.